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Default Re: our connection to nature...?

rhythm wrote: "In order for something to live, something must die. But what dies is only the physical, the material, not the spirit. All living things have spirit and everything is alive, everything, not somethings, everything. No matter which way you look at it, something will always die in order for you to live."

Well, I think that is some sort of funky jacked up thinking, but is an expected thought train considering that we live in a world where every time that we must eat (to survive) something must die.

This is say to "god"> whatthephuckover? Whoever/Whatever God IS, I object to this situation< It ought not to EVER be... that something MUST die in order for me to LIVE... that is fundamental religious, sacrificial sickthinking! methinks!!! I TOTALLY OBJECT even tho I am held subject to this.

Hmmm... ok, I know that I'm strange... but there is some sort of really strange set up here with this concept.. and for anyone to find worthy excuses for this manifestation to exist, has indeed been incorporated into the madness that IS the world!... has been assimilated into THE matrix !!! Can I hear an "amen", oh palease!

Jack up your consciousness into a realm where it is not a fundamental necessity to nourish your Being by ingesting anothers'.

Here we are, on the Earth... groping to know WHY this or that.
Accept that we are Here, Accept the prerequesites.. Just how we made it here from 'there' is moot... it's how we get from here to elsewhere that is not moot. This, to me, is the Essential KNOWLEDGE that has been withheld, not the price of beef!

( i just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in).... deep sigh
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