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Default Re: PETER SCHIFF ~ Obama State of Union Address a 'Pep Rally'

Originally Posted by Phtha View Post
I c

So why is PEP feminine. It sounds phallic, is it because of the two curves around the phallic E-rection?
E = Ether P is masculine,but the masculine does not (X)sist without the feminine. So the phonectics of p is 1 and 0. pp = 32= 16+16 but 1600 = 4:O CLOCK- so pp also = 44 the divine 8 The male phallus is the letter P- we can take this to the Xmen thread, i don't want to take over peace and love's SUBJECT- We can't have peace, with pieces or the age of pisces.-I'm out -peace and -love

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