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Default Re: PETER SCHIFF ~ Obama State of Union Address a 'Pep Rally'

Originally Posted by Phtha View Post
So do they phallusize everything in order to keep us locked in lower energies? Or is there some other reason, like keeping the sexual polarity out of balance?

Yes, c the letters are the body of Osiris, who is dead.This is y u have to be quiet in the library, because he's chopped into pieces or subjects. You have to RE-(member) 3.14 to put osiris PEN-is in the upright position. This is y ink is in the word think. the th sound makes your tongue or flame, touch all 32 of your teeth.chaos = k os ---k =11 and ch = 11 so kaos is order,but you have to go into the zero or darkness, to make the words stand erect.
For example ,a project is an Experiment ,or x spear in the mental state of the subjects.

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