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Default Re: our connection to nature...?

I have the impression that you think that I am saying that it is alright to take what you want from nature, say thank you, and everything is okay. That is not what I am saying. We will always have a 'need" to take from nature, but taking what you "need" and taking what you "want" are two very different things. One leaves a small footprint, the other leaves a large one. Persons who live in developed nations have become dependent upon the system. That dependency has distanced the individual from nature. We no longer know how to live in it. We no longer know the "need" of nature. Yes, we are becoming more conscious of our actions and it's repercussions to nature, but we are outnumbered by those who take what they want because there is a "need". This conscious voice is becoming louder in developed nations, but the driving force is still to want...instead of need. And man are we wasteful, and this is the whole point I am trying to get across. You have to take what you "need' from nature, you cannot get it anywhere else. So take what you need from nature and be happy from that, be grateful, and respect the spirit of what ever it is that has sated your "need". Like it or not we are an animal, part of the animal kingdom and sometimes our "need" from nature is not pretty, even when you take only what you need.
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