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Default Re: our connection to nature...?

So those who strive to be more conscious of those around them are not part of nature or interacting with it? That's certainly not true of some of the most extensive knowledge we still have some access to e.g. the vedic knowledge of nature and humanity as part of nature. Yes it is partially punishment to to practise self-evaluation and think about and act on how to improve because when you do unethical things you can't just say oops and move on or sorry I'll do better - it's acknowledging your behaviour, taking responsibility for it and doing better. If we do the unforgivable or unjustifiable we deserve punishment, but there are also things we do that aren't unjustifiable and unforgivable that we can learn from or do better from without that. There's nothing wrong with feeling guilty but it's not all about that, especially is you're not an uncaring, constant victimiser.

How can trying to learn about nature, what is healthy, learning to improve the body/mind ability, learning to live with care, love and respect for the environment and those we share it with be punishment? How does it make those with that view less natural when they're actually empathising and sympathising more with that and/or trying to give up unnatural things e.g. trying not to or reduce pollution, trying to stop slave labour, trying to use less harsh chemicals, trying to help? How is learning more about sciences, history, social sciences etc less than? How is trying to walk more than drive less natural or less interactive with nature?

You'd have a tough time trying to tell someone well versed and practised like a Hindu/Buddish/Jain etc priest for example who practises these behaviours and accepts that we have responsibility that they are not close to nature or not as respectful of it and know less about it.

No one's denying we need nature, we are a part of it, but there's no need to take advantage of it either and that saying thank you is respectful or aware of it enough.
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