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Default Re: our connection to nature...?

You have just reiterated everything that I just said. We will always have "need" for something from nature, but this is because we are part of nature. You can punish yourself for being part of nature and tell yourself that things are not ok because of your "need". But all you are doing by this punishment is trying to believe that you are "not" part of nature. You become the monk who whips his back because he has witnessed human desire and now he finds he wants desire but to avoid his "need" he punishes himself for it. Why do you want to beat yourself up, just respect nature and respect your "need" of it. That's all I was trying say. We cannot avoid this "need", saying thank you because of your need, is respectful. The only way to avoid this "need" is complete isolation from nature, but then you will not part of nature. You are not interacting with it, you are not becoming more, and you will understand less about nature.

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