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Default Re: Time magazine names Bernanke "Person of the Year" BAARF

Person of the Year: Ron Paul

By Jack Hunter
Published 12/28/09

SA@TAC - Person of the Year: Ron Paul

Including Past SINISTER Recipients

VIDEO (5:07):

(What do you think of the symbolism on the Time's cover including a sun like symbol surrounding Bernanke's head with radiating rays of dollar bills. LOL)

People often mistake being named Time's "Person of the Year" as an honor, but that men as sinister as Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin and Rudy Giuliani have all been given the title suggests otherwise. According to Time, the award is primarily a recognition of influence and by that measure the 2009 selection of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke makes sense. Explains Time, the Fed is "an independent government agency that conducts monetary policy, which means it sets short-term interest rates - which means it has immense influence over inflation, unemployment, the strength of the dollar and the strength of your wallet." Powerful and influential indeed.


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