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Default Re: Paid Subscription Expiry Notice

My paypal just sent the subscription money in today. I contacted paypal to get them to cancel the transaction and they told me that only the recipient can do this. Therefore, I contacted Kerry through the email adress that is tied to the subscription through paypal. I asked her to cancel the payment which is still pending until the 22nd of December, where as now it is the 17th of December.

Now that I have investigated further I have discovered that if you had a paid subscription to avalon through paypal then your paypal account will only stop sending the payment if you go in and cancel the subscription yourself manually.

To do this I had to go to the History tab in paypal, then over on the top right of the history spread sheet there is a tab labled "More filters". There you will find a drop down menu that has subscriptions as one of the options. From there you just choose the subscription you wish to view and then you cancel it.
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