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Default Re: Time magazine names Bernanke "Person of the Year" BAARF

Let's give TIME magazine a round of aplause for mastering RE-DIRECTION of focus. Ah , a knight in shining armor , hang on I have to throw up, o.k. all done.

On grades I would consider Bernanke a Z . Why did we so called need bernanke , oh thats right to help more financial (aka pieces of shxx) steal hard working peoples money and here's the best part, we needed to take out a loan from other countries to cover the loss. Hang on have to throw up again, O.K.

So let me get this right, I have one buddy who retired from the phone company, had 4- retirement funds and 3 of them completely vanished, I have a buddy doctor who watched his retirement of 2 mil disappear because he said as the wall street crowd says, don't worry it'll come back. And one of my workers , his dad lost his entire retirement to the enron crash. Did you see that one of the past employees of Enron is the largest landowner of colorado now. Hang on have to hurl one more time.

And so now we have a man of the year , (time to take a #2) who saved us from all of this . The only question I have now is who were the creative beings that are living in the bubble who even made this decision . Yes a new motto for Time Magazine- " The new toilet paper for 2010. "
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