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Default Time magazine names Bernanke "Person of the Year" BAARF

Guilty as charged...I did not do a search and lo and behold this same news was posted by RASKAR AS AR in Off-Topic at Project Camelot Forum earlier today!!! My apologies. Scroll down though for Karl Denninger commentary and Ron Paul response.

Right, Bernanke influenced the world the most...right into a monetary quagmire!

Time magazine names Bernanke "Person of the Year" *Baarf

By Mark Felsenthal – 10 mins ago

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was named Person of the Year by Time magazine on Wednesday, a highly visible show of support at a time he seeks to beat back proposals that would erode the central bank's authority and independence.

Time credited Bernanke with creative leadership that ensured 2009 would be a year of recovery, however weak, rather than a catastrophic second Great Depression.

Propaganda Video and Continued BS: *

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