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Default Re: When should disclosure happen

Originally Posted by sleepingnomore View Post
I'm sorry but I think the main stream media is exactly the place to start. Yes some will panic but almost everyone I know already has a strong feeling of what will be disclosed so I say bring it on.

Talking and disgesting and focus groups and think tanks discussing reactions are BS all they do is stall the truth and dilute it and hide the facts before the truth reaches the people.

Time to grow up and deal with what we all have been wanting to know since we could talk. Can you imagine the dialogue that would open up between generations?

Sorry but that's how I feel.
Interesting sleepingnomore...

But, I just don't think people are ready to hear it yet.

As F-U-V Said: "People wouldn't go to work", "People would get boozed up". They'd blow all their money and probably believe that they've come to sort everything out when the truth is that "We're our own Saviours".

The current reality, or paradigm if you will just wouldn't support such a disclosure I feel. Now, don't get me wrong here, I wan't disclosure as much as the next guy, but it's not my experience of the majority of people I know to rationally sit down and take all this in.

We as Human Beings, I believe, would have to be sovereign and Spritually Developed enough to fully accept this. Too many people live their lives too fast, and would freak out causing total collapse of the Government, Financial system, Law and Order and Business.

We simply have to change the reality we live in first, before any such a "Full Disclosure". Hence, partial disclosure on the internet. I believe, It's being drip fed to us.

On the other hand, maybe i'm not giving Humanity the credit it deserves!?!?
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