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Default Re: The Vietnam War: A Vatican Crusade!

Read the free book 'The Secret Terrorists' by Bill Hughes: Reduce the text size with the zoom feature. The subject of Vietnam and the Vatican is covered in this book...and a whole lot more. I've enjoyed going to dozens of Roman Catholic Churches...but then there is the dark side. I wish we could keep the good side...and eliminate the dark side. If the Universal Church is a Draconian-Pleiadian-Annunaki Theocracy...this might be kind of hard to accomplish. Never, ever be mean to the people...just consider the source.

I wish to see a completely reformed and renewed Roman Catholic Church...not it's demise. A Solar System Exorcism will probably be necessary to accomplish this. Then we can have a church completely in harmony with the Teachings of Jesus, and the U.S. Constitution (Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom). I know I'm a Cursed Judas Heretic...but I mean no harm. I'm a Rebel Without a Clue. How about a Vatican III? How about a Namaste Mass (Na-Mass-Te)...based upon the Latin Mass...but without the penitential and human-sacrifice elements. By the way...there is no body of evidence to substantiate transubstantiation. I'm so gonna burn!

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