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Originally Posted by ARE WE THERE YET View Post
Please don't hisitate to say Hi- I'm knew at this too-Definition of a Kiwi' A bird so full of S*** that it can't fly
Yep that's how we in the conspiracy world are usually viewed so at last you have something in common with someone else. They never stopped to consider that we may not fly but we can put our long beaks down a long dark hole and pull out a big fat ugly 'worm'. So who's gonna starve then?. Not us? Because we were smart enough to look for worms.
Lets swap ideas and see if heads together can make life easier than going down this road alone.
My name is Nerina. I'm a 48 year old inconsequential with a whole lot of Truthes inside my tired head. I am determined to protect my kids and make it through this future and I want other's by my side because it would be no fun doing this alone. So please contact me because anything you have to say will be of great interest-from one lunatic to another.

I'm with the Lunatic
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