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Default Re: I'm here because all my life I have unexplained experiences that are Life-Shaping

welcome to the club, hereagain. I think a number of us have similar experiences. I have had every experience you described and a few more. I was actually attacked by a ghost once. I can also tell if someone is going to die soon.

as to the few post about "jet packs" around the sun. I'm a "hobby" novelist and sometimes I find what I write about comes true. Anyways, I have a scene playing over in my mind for this sci-fi story I am writing where my main character is on a type of alien device that is more like a jet pack attached to a surfboard. It has shields, computer, ect. In the scene she is running from a huge space born creature I call a leviathan and she is using this jet like board to go around the sun, draw the creature into the sun's gravity and let the solar flare activity destroy the creature.

I'm very surprised other people have had this conception as well.

Anyways, welcome to the club.
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