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Default The electric universe

Hey people i just stumbled across some information about our solarsystem, our sun and our old sun.

Is talking about that we "earth,mars,saturn and titan" were not born here in this solar system. Infact saturn was our sun so called "proto saturn" he also goes into what kind of sun saturn was, a brown dwarf star. These systems tend to be the most thriveing where the brown dwarf star emits material towards the surrounding planets. The aborigenies (dont know how this spells) is talking about the purple sky of creation. Being on a planet orbiting a brown dwarf you will not see the stars since you will be in a constant glow of uv and wont see threw the layer that the star emits.

What he discoberd was that earth,mars and saturn all have the same tilt on the axel. Therefore they seem to be connected in some way. Also accoring to him what happened was that our old solar system was drawn into the current system that were in now. Our new sun absorbed the power of our old sun (proto saturn) and closed it. Mars ended up to far away from the sun to support the life on the planet so they died or fleed. Titan smashed into an old planet in this system and was destroyed so was the people on titan. Earth caught one of titans moons.

Accoring to him this wasent to long ago, humans existed. This was the time of great cataclysms on the earth cause of the turbulence in the system. Atlantis was destroyed and the eden was no longer a eden.

Climatechanges were severe cause living near a brown dwarf has the effect that the climate is even threw the whole planet, thus the old rainforests under the polar ice etc. For the first time humans coulde see the stars and we started to wonder what was beoynd our heaven.

Also he states a farily good question, this is the best climate for someone to live, im talking about orbiting a brown dwarf, the planets orbits it pretty close but the backside is that they cant see the stars. So if any intelligent life is there, they wont know if they havent reached interstellar technology that other than that they orbit a star, and have so other planets around them.

Therefore why would the try to contact us? when they dont even know anythingelse exists ? You dont long for anything you dont know anything about right? I mean imagen if we still orbited the brown dwarf, what would life had been like? maybe thriving, but still why send sattilites up in space? cause we wouldent know what space was.

Anyway i know you will argue about the galactic federation of whatever, and this and that. Ammonia life, gas life, and all the pleadian stuff. It seems that we are in a quite uniqe situation after all.

This is just a theory, please imput your thoughts. What do you think of this?

Cheers: Kristoffer
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