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Default Re: The TV Series "24"

Hi Seashore,

Sad it trully is, but you know this is not new, and will ultimately be replaced by some other new show. I won't even tell you about the video games that children are playing. Don't worry too much, in a way its better to know, don't you think? Think now you are anyone you speak to about this will be informed and will no longer fall for the mind game junk. The chances are that no one will face these situations ever in their life. Part of the game is also allowing you to believe that this too may happen to you or someone you know. It is highly unlikely.

Poor comfort I know, but if you can see it, you have broken the bond it has over you.

Take comfort in knowing, if you wince in fear, they have succeeded in their aim.
Be bold and mighty forces will come to you aid !!

Could someone please expand on the "producers and executives" who make this show, their names are meaningless to me, being across the pond from you.
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