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Default Re: Who are the Star Children and Adults??

Hello purpledove,
I see the Pleiadians, ARCTURIANS AND TARIANS as 3 possible links or seeding that was done on the earth.......therefore many will not realize this link until they have awaken......and how will they awake ...with the BLUE FLAME

QUOTE=purpledove;198879]Thanks Jacqui

Yes I too really love the video.

Also Id like to add that many of us have experiences with our brothers and sisters from the stars but pass them off as dreams because our conscious minds are not able to process them any other way...
Many are not dreams though.
So if any of you have had experiences or dreams with our Star neighbors, please share them, perhaps many of us are having the same "dreams" of the same places and similar experiences. but we have to share them to know.
Please share...[/QUOTE]
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