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Default Re: DNA and "future humans"

Originally Posted by joe2288 View Post
It all depends on which timeline you fall on. Since there are a infinite number of

different timelines occurring simultaneously, the chance we will fall on that one

timeline is low, but not impossible. I heard a rumor not to long ago that the

greys were the humans who went underground when there planet went to hek

and they evolved out of emotion and other human traits to help deal with there


Any greys I have seen are really really low on the totem pole and they appear to be obeying orders from Reptilians who are obeying their orders from a group above them. Goodness the trail would probably take one out of this universe enclosure. Someone may have promised them a planet, but highly doubtful they will be getting everything they want.

But next time I encounter one I'll be sure to ask him who is his Mommy?
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