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Default Re: No Food - No Fear

Thanks lisa.

There is a difference between knowledge acquired by reading and knowledge through direct experience. The first is just info, while the later is a self-realized truth. In order to be able to live without food, you will have to pass from info to true KNOWLEDGE.

As this forum comes to an end, let this be the last post.

Let me add two closing quotes here (from “higher” sources):

“The tools are in your hands, around you, is even being drawn out of you.
It is your duty towards yourself to reveal them to yourself and then do as you please with them....there is always a consequence.”


“Without knowing it you are expressing one of the most common lies of the spirit of selfishness: Selection is unjust.
This is no accident, for in a self-willed race the spirit of lies is dominant.
How are all people the same? Like cups and saucers? There are no two people who are the same - or equal.
The right of existence is variation, the inequality which in the convergence leads to expansion of consciousness.”

The time has come to fly back…


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