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Default Re: Jordanus Maximus and Why I Have Trouble Taking Project Camelot Seriously Anymore

Originally Posted by wynderer View Post

sometimes it seems that the Oneness y'all write about is a return to a comforting womb, where you are free of the painful resposibilities of individualized consciousness

Peace & Freedom, wynderer
Great point. If you are aware of oneness, then you should be aware of the fact that you chose to be in the state that you are in in 3d, experiencing all the pain and frustration that comes with it.

Truth is, this reality is stark. It's intense. You'll never get this experience in 5d, or get it here now, and never again anywhere else. For that reason I enjoy it, I'll go back to oneness eventually, but right now I'm in 3d and that's where I want to be. It's challenging and fun. Adventure and experience.

For that reason I look for 3d solutions to 3d problems, not looking to how soon I'll merge with another reality. If I wanted that I'd just die.
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