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Default Re: No Food - No Fear

Lets assume this to be true:
The individual day to day consciousness (here called B) of Hu-Mans is just a tiny part of a much greater consciousness (called Higher Self A) which is residing in higher dimensions. Although B is not aware of A during a normal daytime awareness, it returns periodically during sleep to A. The purpose of the temporary separation of B from A is for the purpose of learning through experience. A genuine learning can only be achieved if B is not aware of its connection with A. The goal is for B to grow through this experience until it is able to merge with A on his own. The material world around B is manifested according to the learning-tasks to be handled by B, while it identifies itself with the body.
Thus the origin of the material world is rooted in higher dimensions, it’s a play performed for B to experience the outcome of its choices and to grow through it. The body becomes a cosmic Avatar through the identification of B with the body:

For someone with OOB experiences it will be more easy to follow the above thesis.

One basic force, borne out of the ignorance of the play at hand, is the fear of death of the body. The fear is borne out of the identification with the body. This fear is been used to play out numerous games, always with the aim to grow. It is also this fear which the “dark” side exploits to the max, in order to achieve their goals. In a way this is also part of the life-game, the game of conscious choices.

Now, that said, how is it possible to live without food or water?

Compare the situation with Christmas and Santa: Christmas is the experience of B to be lived through - according to its choices -, while Santa is the necessity to sustain the body with the goody of food.
When B grows up, it looks behind the deception of Santa by pulling his beard down. Does it mean that Christmas is now cancelled? No, but the experience of Christmas will be on a more matured level.

Same situation while living without food: The normal game-rule is that you will die if you do not eat. But if you are consciously challenging that rule, then the rule has to be changed. After all it’s just one of the artificial rules imposed by A. You will not die because of your approach, and due to your choice you will live a spiritually much more “matured” life.

On the physical level there is of course the question how it all works out in detail. In this level of discussion there is no distinction between nutrients and ordinary food, because the lack of energy food can be as dangerous as the lack of nutrients.
For example: Normally the blood-cells will have to be regenerated, because they have a limited live span. Does the live span change? Are they regenerated? If so, then from where comes the Nitrogen which is required to form proteins? Is it inhaled and absorbed? If so, how? And are the proteins built up from scratch?

I can’t explain the nitty-gritty of the effect, because we are reaching now a realm of divine science and I always skipped that class.

Why is it easier to live without food than water?
I think these are stages which can not be jumped easily at once.
After living without food, the next stage is living without water, which i consider as very advanced.
The following stage is living without air.
It is a well known phenomenon that at particular stages of consciousness you will not require to breath. This has been particularly observed with advanced yogis.

I know that all this sounds absolutely unbelievable and ridiculous for people with no spiritual experience, but if you can exist without food, then why not without water or air?

The mere existence of Breatharians is a very strong indication that the above mentioned thesis is correct.

For a fully developed soul there is actually no limit of what can be done or achieved.

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