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Default Re: No Food - No Fear

Originally Posted by FIIISH View Post
I have a question I was hoping someone could help me answer.

I understand how it is possible to survive without the energy we get from food,
but how is it possible to survive without nutrients or water?

Is it simply mind over matter?
That is a good question fiiish which I have been thinking of for awhile now. I don't know the answer but how about a few observations... for discussion sake.

As long as we are in the habit of eating then are body expects food and tells us so when we are hungry. However, so much food now is filled with chemicals that actually are designed to chemically trigger the 'growling' or 'I'm hungry' response/sensation artificially. Most of our food supply goes in one end and out the other. So what is our body really getting out of the foods we eat? Seems really that we are mostly eating based on 'smells good' and the taste. And then we have to take supplements to fill in the void. So eating the food supply is just a waste of money because there is no nutrition in it, it has become just a habit or a social thing to do. Experiment yourself... go on a fast and then try and hang out with friends and family, virtually everything there is to do is surrounded by some form of food and drink!!!!

So how would the body get nutrition if you didn't take supplements because there is no nutrition in our food anymore? And as you mentioned what about the 'energy' factor? So how about this... as long as we are in the habit of eating our body is in the 'spend energy to digest food' mode. But as soon as you go on a fast a body mechanism makes a switch. The first day you still have the hunger pains, but the second day the body seems more heightened or on an alert mode, its like a different mechanism is switched on and the body conscious has a different outlook. Could the body draw in what it knows it is deficient from in the air we breath and absorb Sunlight and convert it into whatever component the body desires? Can Sunlight and Air provide a foundation of 'base' components and then the body will know what to do to convert the 'base' components into whatever nutrient the body at the time currently needs.

Our bodies are a chemical factory and can produce virtually any chemical known on Earth as long as the 'base' components are available or are not interfered with from toxins, pollutants, preservatives/gummy material, or allergic reactionary substances, drugs, etc.

And if you had the right kind of 'ingredients' in your gut to encourage the right kind of flora then wouldn't your body be able to grow its own food supply in your intestines through a balanced flora, which would include nutritional supplementation through the good flora growing inside you. Keifer grows in the dark, so how many other organisms could grow inside you that were cooperative to the body for a self sustaining relationship?

When something is absent desire is turned on to fulfill the absence, then that desire attracts the solution in whatever shape or form is necessary to fill the desire to fix the disharmony and bring in equilibrium. When its dark and we desire to see we find a light. Our body mechanism will find a way to attract nutrition through Air, Sunlight, and whatever it can get to grow inside by whatever means is available to the body conscious. Fear and panic of not having food or water available will obviously override this mechanism in most people because who ever heard of the body figuring out for itself how it will find what it needs.

In other words one could fast with the express purpose of observing their body to see how it will 'find' nutrition and water (water can be absorbed through the Air we breathe or perhaps just recycled within the body too). Or one could suddenly find themselves without food and water and panic based on the thinking that they will starve to death if they don't eat!!!!!

If someone were to really understand the mechanics of harnessing free energy that is available all around us at all times they could in essence magnify their own body into a powerhouse! For example... we walk around in the sunlight every day and for the most part we are free to be outside and the sunlight all around is basically harmless (walk to your mailbox get your mail and walk back inside and not get cooked...easy right). Now take a magnifying glass and position it just so, at the right angle in the sunlight and you can harness the power of the sun to focus it it a lethal weapon to burn leaves with, You get the point.

A plant converts sunlight into sugar proteins and grows, so the plant becomes solidified sunlight and all the plant needs is minerals, water, and sunlight to magnify, conduct electricity, and convert energy from one form to another all by itself within the 'reflection' of the DNA code it possess.'

Most of the population have had their Root chakra trimmed or interfered with (humans are being turned into 'hydroponic' beings) so they are not grounded enough to Earth in order for this process to function nonetheless be observable. So grow your root chakra back and see what changes take place in your body... no roots no grow-ageing. Yes there are some other details but we can see the concept.

Tesla never invented 'Free Energy' he just figured out how to harness, focus, and magnify what already exists, but don't tell anyone!
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