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Default interviews Albert Venczel

New interview with Fritz Stammberger and Albert Venczel. This is Fascinating stuff!!!!!!!!!!

"In this fascinating hour and a half discussion, Albert Venczel shares with us his experiences in remote viewing including time traveling, encounters with God and Lucifer, alien contact, zero point energy and much much more. Don't miss this extraordinary conversation with one of the world's most interesting and intelligent minds. Albert talks with Fritz about time traveling to the future as a "ghost" to try and prevent 9/11 and how he was supposed to be the son of the father of remote viewing, Ingo Swann. Albert also relates his experience of remote viewing Lucifer actually descending into the basement of the White House and entering a room where he would talk directly with Laurance Rockefeller and others about illuminati plans for the future of mankind. We would like to thank Albert for sharing with us his extraordinary story and we hope you enjoy this far-out trip down the rabbit hole and across the universe with Fritz Stammberger and Albert Venczel."
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