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Default Re: A Most Amazing NDE

Thank you for posting this.

A beautiful account of NDE. I use to "visit" heaven as a young child, where I would lay on my back on a sunny hillside, surrounded by flowers and play with the birds and butterflies.

I knew it was just "my" heaven, what I needed at the time, but that I could create any heaven, anywhere, anytime, while out of my body.

This is where I was taught also, that what we believe here on earth about heaven and hell, we will create once we leave this human condition.

I can say with 100% that I know where I will be going, when it is my time.
I have complete faith in our spiritual growth, and I wish for everyone to have faith also. That is, faith in oneself and their spiritual growth, even if you think you are doing it all wrong, it is all right!
love & light
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