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Default Re: 2012 The Online Movie Final Cut Updated

Thank you very much for the link. The only thing that I could add is that like with everything else we have to use discerment and there are many outhere that hold a different view of what will happen in 2012

There is someone in you tube
that has a very opposite perspective and very well presented

Perhaps sometimes is important to consider all parties and take what works for us. I am not a person that is into religion but I respect every person that do as we all have free will

There is another perspective of what may happen in 2012 that can also be consider and it is the one I feel it is closer to what will really happen
and it can be found here, regretfully it is not a video but I guess one can use a reader

I think all these theories, and they are just theories deserve a good pondering before buying into any agenda.

Love to all
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