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Default Re: the battles ?

Originally Posted by annemirri View Post
Do people really know what they are talking about ?

Have you felt "the battle" yourself ? Been part of it ?
What do you really know about it ?

It is a real spiritual battle or war over our souls or freedom.

Nonsense sentences do not help in the real battlefields.


yup, once left my body-and, spent about 3 hrs ; battling to get it back

yes, it is 'real' spiritual wars

and, yes, until 1991 - there was a dark teacher, who walked with me
who turned out to be, in the end,
a very good teacher~who taught us a lot
its a smart student, who masters a teacher

from 1991 to 1993 - i can't tell you a lot

from 1993-april 6
and, until 2004
- there were 3 reptiles/and, 1 insect; we had to learn how to master
to totally break free, we finally did this early 2009
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