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Default Re: Who on here is tagged, chipped or marked?

you are a canadian
and, we, canadian women
are irrestiable


ahhhh, seriously,
in other lifetimes,
you have been one,
who others, went to for your wise counsel / and,
for your balancing/and, energetic healing abilites,

there is an energy, that eXudes from you
one that you have carried, from this lifetime, to the next lifetime
and, what an awesome, sum total, it is

your eXpression,
known, or unknown to you,
is, what automatically makes others know,
they are safe to eXchange with you

it is lovely, there are many people
who naturally shine this out to the world
(everyone, has the latent talent within)
so, our best advise to you, and, to others
is to really work towards developing this talent,
as, best, you can

your children, sense, this power of your love,
which normally, is only reserved for the immediate family,
and, they see it,
being spread all over the place
(not, just to them)
so, they feel a sense, of losing you
when they see others, enjoying, what generally,
only they would be privy to enjoy

very likely, the eXample you set to them,
is, a good eXample,
and, they are very likely to follow your suit,
and, be, very much, like their mum

you are a healer - and, can simply heal people by shining out
the 7 aspects of your energetic eXpression,
through your 13 aspects of all that you are,
and, do it, both consciously, or, unconsciously

it could be said, you are a beacon of healing

one who can shine their energy
and, by doing so,
you can activate great changes in others,
and, this is, your way, to bring in,
not only your own energies, but, energies of a much higher order,
and, by doing so, it is people, like yourself
who make a world of difference,
not only for yourself, but,
for all the others, who come to cross your path

it is, like you have a big sign,
hung around your neck,
that invites others, to come,
and, to feel safe, and, the safety,
of having one, such as you, to eXchange with,
as, they bathe
within your energies/and, your light
which is very refreshing/and, most healing to them

you are like a fisherman of pearls,
who can pluck an oyster from the sea,
and, simply say,
"Open, Simsim" (commonly written as "Open, Sesame" in English)
and, the pearl within, feels safe, to present itself

this is a great gift, one you should develop, as, much as possible
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