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Default Re: Who on here is tagged, chipped or marked?

Is a person "marked" as a listener?

No matter where I am, grocery store, library, work, hiking etc., I have always had strangers come right up to me. They approach with a smile, we say hi, then I listen as they tell me what they need to talk about. Sometimes it's their whole life history, sometimes it is a sickness they are concerned about, and sometimes they just talk, about anything, and sometimes they cry, and I cry with them.

My parents were alarmed when I was young, as they would always be a stranger approaching me to talk to me.

I am accustomed to it, it does not bother me, but it does bother my children now. They do not like the idea of me having strangers constantly coming up to me, but I have told them that sometimes people just need someone to listen to them. That's all I do, is listen. These people are not looking for answers from me, just looking for an ear.

My daughter has said it is like I have this magnet on me that attracts all the people that most people would not give a moment of time too.

Is this being marked? It would be nice to know the reason for this, as I am a very quiet shy person by nature, not outgoing and loud.

love & light
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