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Default Re: Who on here is tagged, chipped or marked?

Originally Posted by Greetings View Post
In terms of birthmarks, i do have one. Never thought much of it, but its on my right arm and its a perfect sphere
Terms of morphogenic, i've been told that i've been "tapping" into global energies (how i dont know, maybe cause i care too much) and have empathy abilities (i.e. completely changing an environments emotions - at times i can feel emotions like heat/pain on my body (recent)).

Have you heard of the goa'uld from stargate sg-1??
I'd like to think that we're all apart of the grand scheme, but sadly i dont think everyone is created like equals .
I would appreciate any insight into this with my life!:
Other strange traits about me include: Im an exceptionally talented musician. Piano is my strongpoint. Example: When i was a child I would watch the t.v. and play variations of the songs in a commercial before the commercial was over. I feel i can play any instrument, long as i get the feel for it.
I have a strange thing with numbers: Besides seeing the synchronistic times (now its to the point where i see 12:21 every night, 4:44 in the afternoon, etc.), but i can memorize sequences of numbers effortlessly. Example: I've never had a need to store phone numbers, cause i can still remember the phone number of my friend who i haven't seen since i was 13! Was put through psychological tests growing up where psych would recite number sequences and i would have to recite back. I can easily remember up to 14+ digits.
Math and art i excel in.
I have an odd photo type memory. Read a story to me ill live it in my mind. Odd part: I remember all memories leading back to age of 6, nothing before. Strange?
And the strangest thing of all (but one thing i love for it doesn't make me stand out like a freak): I've been in some SERIOUS accidents (i.e. fell off a downhill mtn bike going 25-30mph downhill and hit kneefirst onto a jagged rock, ripping all skin off kneecap- june 08) but i still have yet to break a bone in my life.

Please p.m. if any insight. it would be MUCH appreciated.
WHY would you want an 'private' pm,
when sharing an answer, with the rest of this world,
might aid/assist and help others too ???

first, on the question about special - or, being created equal

all our created equal
- albeit, all do NOT choose to allow full eXpansion

some choose NOT to read, a long winded answer,
since, they are looking for 'simple' solutions

thus, in essence, they will remain simple

some people will dig through, the compleX, and, come up with more, and, more questions
to gain, more understanding, along with ask even more and more compleX questions ~
thos ones, do NOT remain simple ~ those ones eXpand
both the one answering the questions/along with thy_selves

what you experience, will be different,
than, what others experience,
your ability related to music,
is something, that has come with you,
from life-time to life-time, and, even in times between lifetimes

do you think, the great singers, sing alone ???

and/or great musicians play alone ???

or, do you think, perhaps; they tap into discarnate spirits,
known as essence twins, and, task companions,
and, they play/or they sing thru, YOU and, thy_selves
with them, and, thy selves

you can NOT do anything, one single aspect of you, alone

we are completely; and; totally amasing beings

who do NOT do anything, totally alone

perhaps; one of the reasons, we need to gather, in groups,
to accomplish things,
sometimes, one will bring the knowledge,
another might bring power, another might bring support/or, love
and, another might bring compassion,
some live in this world, like you do,
and, some live in the ethers, from higher densities/or, other worlds

a round, is to remind you,
you are all here, to bring it back, to the round, your original round
the biggest part of your "original spark"
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