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Default Re: Who on here is tagged, chipped or marked?

this is from our work, NOT the work of others

you have within you energy
~in the form of
and, ether
ether has bridges/triads/trines/and, trinities

or, 7 aspects

it is up to you, to rise the levels of each of these

you can chart it, utlising bovis scales/and-or, hawkins scales

or, simply discern it, utilising a set of ratios
or, mathematics, from 0-100, or, 0-1000, or 0-10000
it matters, NOT much, what you chart of relations is

as, 8/10 = 80%
and, 800/1000=80%
or, 8000/10,000 = 80%

charts change with every choice you make

your abilities,
come thru your own past-lives
and, also thru your own link ups,
to your own hereditary soul family
(many of us share - or, our parts of the same soul family)

there are good/and NOT so good healers
in every country, around the world

we have studied a vast assortment of healings,
from others on earth, and, from others in spiritual forms,
it is important, to discern, both types

of course, as always, and, in all ways

YOU are THY OWN best healer

there are also, curses/etc., that follow you,
from one lifetime, to the next lifetime,
until you dislodge them, and, process them,
out of your timeline-thus, the name 'time line healing'

this is a vast topic, and, one worthy, of learing about
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