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Default Re: A Most Amazing NDE

Earlier this month, in a relaxed state I found myself dropping all my attachments to this universe and went to 1st universe above and there is no barbarism or serious win/lose scenarios there. I met someone there who is also keeping a body here in order to help others arrive at the universe above.

After seeing him I drifted up to the 2nd universe above and there was a Great Schematic that determines the order of things in this universe, the ethics and decency, and I was told I could change it if I wished, and I ordered a small but what I felt was a significant change.

Then I decided to stick my head down into the universe below to see what it was like. It is like robotic video games on steroids, and much denser than this universe. This universe is not much better at this moment, and it was purposely designed to be a type of spiritual trap, but those who are in the universes above can have bodies here too, shadows of themselves.

For example, if you left this universe everyone who knows you would keep putting your image here and they would not know that you had really left.

If we can expand our viewpoints out beyond this universe then we will know where we really are :-) Most universes are better than this one, including our own personal universe, if we still have one :-)

That's all for now :-)
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