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Originally Posted by dAkapacity View Post
Thank you CÚline!

Here's a beautiful video about a unicorn based on a poem by Rilke. Something tells me you'll like this one too:

Sonnets To Orpheus IV, Second Part by Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926)

This is the creature there has never been.
They never knew it, and yet none the less
entirely loved it, from its suppleness
to the very light of the eyes, mild and serene.
It never was. And yet their love supplied
the need of being. They always left a space.
And in that clear space they had set aside
it lightly raised its head and felt no trace
of not being real. They did not give it corn,
but fed it with their feeling that it might,
somewhere, exist. Were able to confer
such strength, its forehead grew a horn. One horn.
It came up to a virgin once, all white -
and lived on in the mirror and in her.

This is so lovely. Thank you for sharing this poem, it touched me deeply. I love you all. And Celine, I love your beautiful purplyness, my favorite color too
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