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Default Re: war against terror, or war against children?

Since sharing this article with a few friends of mine, I've been told that many of the photo's that were exposed, showing US military abusing children, were faked, With persons using old military uniforms to portray us as bad people. Which I don't doubt that has happened also.
But I don't think some US military is free from guilt either. We do have some monsters right here in the US.

I was told that some of these children who are being detained were used as spotters for the insurgents. Also some of the older children were able to sign up with the insurgents military against us.
But even those should be treated with special care, not thrown in with adults. (unless they are with their parents and able to be protected.)

I have no doubt that they would use kids to make parents cooperate with them, as I've seen Family Services right here (foster parenting division) use what I feel were atrocities, against children to get those parents to do what they want, say what they want in court, etc..
Such as if a parent disagrees on a subject with a social worker, I've seen that social worker with hold visitation for the child. Then they'll have the child call the parent, usually when they are most upset and crying and wanting their parent, to make the parent "toe the line"
In those cases, they are not hurting the parents, but the child. But to DFS, that doesn't matter, it's all about what they want.
I can see that the same opinion in a military run facility as such, could easily adopt the same opinion of using children to get the parents to cooperate with them and behave. Either way it's not right, as it's the child who's hurt most in such cases.

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