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Default Re: Project Cameloter in South Korea

Hey, did you guys see this in the news forum?

Here I was thinking we'd be safe from the major stuff going down in the US, but it looks like it's hitting our backyards sooner than expected.

Unfortunately, I just got to South Korea at the end of August, and I won't get paid until the 10th of October (3 days after the supposed 'event'). I am buying some important gear this weekend however, so I'll see how much I can scrounge together with my advance.

Damn, I have to admit, I didn't expect things to be hitting the fan so close to my little get away. I'm going shopping today (Saturday) to get my junk together, because this weekend and next might be out last to get ourselves ready.

If you find a temple that seems to fit what we need, it'd be awesome if you could post the coordinates. I can't use Google Earth because I have OS X 3.9 which Google Earth stopped supporting about April of this year (arg!) but I did of course bring with me a bunch of paper maps I'll be able to lug around in my backpack. So, if I can get the general location, I'll be able to pinpoint it in case of a sudden need to flee the city.

Hopefully these things don't come to pass, but if they do... I'll be seeing you guys in another world.
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