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Default Re: Understand what free energy really is... it's YOU!!!

A few things that this makes me think of:

I have been reading (perhaps not always understanding, but reading) much about free energy and what I like to call "right brain" mathematics which is the nature of numbers, where you get your numerology and davincian and pythagorean "conspiracy" type stuff... the geometric symbology of the secret societies... magical sigils... the math of NATURE the math of the HUMAN body, ETC. It's very dense but it makes a little whizzing in your heart even if you don't understand.

Marko Rodin calls it Vortex based mathematics... people may say its sacred geometry or fractality. It's all the same. But what is interesting to me about this is that the "energy" comes out of the zero-factor (zero is the only number that does not actually exist) and is the basis for our 1-9 structure'd reality. So when Marko Rodin says at the end of his 4hr long google video "This is why I am never tired, why I have the energy to pursue this..." and then he makes the "sound of god" by pronouncing A B H simultaneously.... it sounds like monks chanting, or tuuvan throat singing. That is the source of his zero point energy, isn't it? The little buzzing he makes with his throat is turning on the switch of his own energy source.

It's similar also to the concept of black/white holes. I'm very scatterbrained trying to explain the connection I'm making here. Surely there are a million explanations or steps or programs you can take to "create" your own energy, but I choose Rodin's explanation because he's opened up a mathematical rather than allegorical or metaphorical window for me to actually understand the experience.

If I get you COA, we are simply using our natural power of creation? It may seem like "free energy" because from where we're standing we are not always completely aware of our stored energy, in and around us, and our capacity to create.

Does that ring with what you're saying? My brain is on fire and words no work so good.
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