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Originally Posted by xbusymom View Post
thanks for all the great help you are doing with this issue...

I have a couple of things I can't figure out ...

1) there are some times when I need to hard reboot... and when the chkdsk does its thing, it converts lost clusters into files. Do I need to fix them in the register (I don't know how to do that) or can I just find which folder they are place in and delete them? my laptop is getting slower and slower in just booting up... is this causing the slowdown? *and shoud I defrag first?

There can be many reasons for this....what i would do is simply save my data and re-install the system...since u have a laptop make sure u have all the drivers first....if that is a problem for can check the system for viruses you can defrag, you can use can set manual scan disk...etc.

2) I normally use firefox for browsing, but I can't do a realplayer download of a video off of the net with the mozilla browser, so I had been using IE7, but that quit working a couple of weeks ago... I even tried to reinstall that and then tried to upgrade/install the IE8... can you tell me how to get it working again or maybe there is a free video-downloader program you could direct me to?

not sure what the problem is would seem u can only use IE since the site you are using is most likely asp and only supported in IE not know what exactly you wish to do but i do not have this problems...rarely i encounter or wish to have anything to do with real player...

if IE stopped working this can be a serious sign of a serious problem...there a millions of reasons for this...and it has most likely to do with number 1 question

thanks again...
have fun
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