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Default Re: Healing list....put the name here ....

I didn't think you were moderating, Harper... I think 'Laughing' is a huge part of
healing... I hope all on the Healing List enjoy your humor as I do... Your a very
funny guy....

Thank you, for coming to the healing thread... You've made ME
Laugh... You do know that at this time we have a Full Moon... So, some; may
act in a different way... Just be understanding... to THOSE souls...

Also, understand Love is in the air... It is a time when some of you will open
your hearts to a New Relationship... Become friends... Fall in Love...



Originally Posted by Harper View Post
Oh what lovely words to all, I'm not intentionally moderating, I'm just kinda moderate in general hehehehe.

Have a lovely weekend all and High 5 Angel !

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