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Default a reflection of the past

A reflection of where I was a year ago and the posts and threads I worked on and what I felt was important in the scheme of things..I went back to find a post I did that I thought was relevant to where we will be headed in the future....where the future of Avalon is and where we all as a community are headed.

I've watched the division and turmoil of everyone here, including myself...remembering my recent misted past...I had to reflect on just where it is that we as a community...a ground crew..should be directing our efforts..and I remembered a post I did a year ago...about a time that I saw exactly what internally bothered me..and where I believe we need to direct our efforts. We should not be turning against each other..but bonding and gathering strength as a ground crew..otherwise..they have won. And we let I will remind you all what I believe is of utmost importance in our efforts to gather dignity and strength and above all striking against those who tread on our sovereignty

I am not a whistle blower, or an abductee. I have written no books on spirituality. I am not able to see in the future. I have never had any tell me I'm of another dimension or remember me from another life.

Do I know these things are real?..yes I do..why? because the truth can resonate within my very being. As I'm sure it does with all here. Otherwise, why would we be here.

Today I was brought to tears....why? Because I understood today there are so many hurdles mankind has to jump to get to the finish line..and collect the grand prize.

I long for the day we can stand in front of each other and say we won. We worked out daily, strive to be the best. Not another in the universe can touch what we have....and what is that grand prize?

ridding Mans inhumanity to man....and creating unity, love of mankind and universal compassion .

the day will come..make no mistake of will come... I got just another taste of what we have to overcome to create that prize. We are fighting an illusion that was created to enslave us in our own passion for humanity...

Today I felt the pain of someone who believes what has created the killing and wars was the very lie used to manipulate us to fight such a war.

The mass illusion that one group of people can create such a thing..when in truth it is a rather small group..using us to fight ourselves. Enslave us to do their dirty work in the name of freedom, in the name of God, in the name of justice.

Who am I? I'm a mother of three sons, and one grandchild. I'm a musician, I'm the one you pass at the market when shopping...I cry at sad movies, and happy endings. I'm the one you honk at at the traffic light because I'm changing the radio station and not paying attention to the light. I'm the one who can't stand to see the starving children in deprived countries. I'm the one who stood by and watched the twin towers fall in disbelief. I'm the one who watched the United States go to war for the sake of oil and power. I'm the one who woke up to the fact that it is all an created to use us against each other.

I'm the one who want's to wake up and find that the illusion is over..that mankind stood up and said ...we are through with your lies...we want only the truth and nothing else will be acceptable. We will stop working your war machine...we want nothing to do with your power agendas. we want to see the starvation end, and the suffering ended. We want the children to be nothing but loved. We hold our future dear to us and will not accept your blatant lies. we don't care about your boarders...we care about our neighbors...we send them love. We bless them with kindness and giving. We will rebuild our future with strength of compassion. Hate is not a word we use in our vocabulary. Giving is our key to success.

Then and only then will the tears I shed today turn tears of joy. Then mankind can collect the grand prize....the universal prize of humanity shedding it's mask of animal behavior.....and we will be able to join the ranks of Sharing universal love of humanity and creation throughout the universe.

A prize worth reaching for...Don't let them win, we are better that that

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