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Default Re: Swineflu : The next wave

A "problem" such as Swine Flu is an apparency and will recede or indeed go away as soon as one decides to take on a problem or problems or much greater magnitude. In other words, decide to have bigger "problems" than one is having now. All "problems" are apparencies.

I speak humbly, because personally I know it is easier said than done and cannot be intellectually understood, but has to be processed through or practiced to a "win point", a personal realization.

Everything I have problemsized on this forum I have worked through and gained some higher ground. Thank you everyone for allowing me to dramatize. It was part of the process of seeing what next to process.

I am learning to never abruptly cut someone's dramatization, but to give them a way to process it. Perhaps this is why we don't like forum trolls -- they are trying to break our "truth du jour"
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