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Default Re: The Dark Side of the Moon Mission

Good call jimmer...but does anyone have proof that the official NASA footage of the Apollo Lunar Missions were not faked or altered in any way, shape, or form? Does anyone have proof that none of the official NASA footage of the Apollo Lunar Missions are missing or erased? Does anyone have proof that no aspects of the Apollo Lunar Missions were hidden from public view and scrutiny?

My bias is that the Secret Space Program was on the Moon when President Kennedy challenged Americans to go to the Moon...and that the Apollo missions were a mixture of truth and lies by necessity...because of ET's, the Secret Government, the Secret Space Program, the Military Industrial Complex, Ancient Artifacts and Monuments, Harsh Lunar Conditions, etc. I have no conclusive proof...but the preponderance of the evidence which I have been exposed to...points toward my biases.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This article is about the documentary. For other meanings of "Dark Side of the Moon", see Dark Side of the Moon (disambiguation)
Dark Side of the Moon is a French documentary or, one might say more accurately, a mockumentary, by director William Karel which originally aired on Arte in 2002 with the title Opération Lune. The basic premise for the film is the theory that the television footage from the Apollo 11 Moon landing was faked and actually recorded in a studio by the CIA with help from director Stanley Kubrick. It features some surprising guest appearances, most notably by Donald Rumsfeld, Dr. Henry Kissinger, Alexander Haig, Buzz Aldrin and Stanley Kubrick's widow, Christiane Kubrick.

Plot summary
The tone of the "documentary" begins with low key revelations of NASA working closely with Hollywood at the time of the Moon landings. Over the course of the tale, Karel postulates that not only did Kubrick help the USA fake the moon landings but that he was eventually killed by the CIA to cover up the truth. First hand testimony backing these claims come from Rumsfeld and Dr. Kissinger seems to lend credence to the story.

It is finally revealed that this is a mockumentary as the end credits roll over a montage of blooper reels, with the main participants laughing over the absurdity of their lines or questioning if particular ones would give the joke away too soon. Besides being a comedic documentary, it is also an exercise in Jean Baudrillard's theories of hyperreality. In a 2004 interview, the director was asked why he would elect to make a film "closer to a comedy than a serious film"; Karel replied that in the wake of having made serious documentaries, the objective was "de faire un film drôle" (to make a funny film).[1]

Australian broadcaster SBS television aired the film on April 1 as an April fools' joke, and again on 17 November 2008 as part of Kubrick week. It was aired again on 27 July 2009, perhaps to coincide with the anniversary of the moon landing.

Several of the fictitious interviewees, such as Dave Bowman and Jack Torrance, are named after characters from movies directed by Stanley Kubrick. There are also references to other characters; Eve Kendall and George Kaplan, each featured in the documentary, are characters in Hitchcock's North by Northwest. Not to forget Ambrose Chapel, also a Hitchcock 'character', better to say 'location'.

The soundtrack also includes the song "The American Dream" from Barry Levinson's Wag the Dog, a fiction feature about a secretly government-commissioned Hollywood production of a fake war.

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