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Default Quantum Reality.

It seems to me that mans search for 'truth' has largely been conducted in an external fashion thus far. We've sought answers from our apparent surroundings.
In my opinion, we are nearing the edge of our ability to discover novelty from "outside" ourselves. Given the volume of 'new' information gathered daily, and its exponential growth day soon, we will have gained the most precious data to date. That bit of 'knowing' will be the turning point in our evolution as a species.
That 'realization' will consist of this:
"Real Truth" can only be found within.
Everything that our senses detect exists in the dimension of 'mind'. (inside)

On that day...religion and science will merge...and mankind will take the next step forward.
I think this is the thread that binds us...those who have gathered here have felt a shift coming.

real eyes, realize, real lies.
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