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Default Re: As brothers fight ye!

Originally Posted by hippihillbobbi View Post
"'59. As brothers fight ye!'

"Liber Al vel Legis Chapter III"

Dear Fr66ajc--

Could you translate the above for me, please, as in--translate the latin (or italian ?? whatever! LOL), and then could you also explain the significance of the "'59" before the initial quote?

Thanks 66!
Hi hippihill

I most certainly can.

Liber Al vel Legis = The Book of the Law

I use the Latin, not to show off, but out of habit and familiarity. The author used Latin for the title so anyone who considers themselves Thelemic does so, purely because that is what it was called.

The 59 is simply the line number of the quote where it would be found in the 3rd Chapter.

It's basically a mechanism of quoting sacred text in the Thelemic tradition. Dear old Aleister Crowley was rather prolific so quoting the chapter and line number is a decades old habit to allow people to easily find the text in the quoted book or pamphlet.

I know many people have issues with Mr Crowley and I do not appreciate some of the teachings myself, however he never demanded worship or followers and actively advertised the fact that what he did worked for him and no-one should just blindly follow him but go out and find out what worked for themselves.

He was after union with God/The Divine/The One Creator, or the knowledge and conversation with his own Holy Guardian Angel. All terms for what many on this forum are attempting to achieve themselves.

Anyway, I hope that helps


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