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Default Re: Not sure if this is a good place to start

Originally Posted by toutix View Post
This is happening not only in your country, but in other countries also and in different languages.

Sounds like. The sound or transliteration if you prefer but i don't like that term because to incorporate symbols the transliteration has to be open. I don't have a word to describe it but it's not transliteration. If I take what kids uses these days, l33t sp34k, an "e" is replaced by a "3" and not suitable for transliteration.

Olive in english
Oleeve transliterated in french
Ole Eve

In English it's easier to revert the letters to form other words: Ole Eve, Eve Elo(him?), I've suggested a postfix here a syllable. Prefixing Ole Eve we could have (Wh)ole Eve, reversing the letters we have Eve Elo(hw?).

Got the idea?

I'm not a linguist but being affected in my own way to what's going on I would suggest that we think what's happening around us, but also outside us. Search your limits. There's always a bigger field outside us to look for.

It's everywhere.

In my country, in your country, in his country...

In English, in French, in Portugese, in Hebrew, in Inuktitut...

Thank you for your explanation. Much appreciated. Unfortunately my language knowledge is limited at this time to English and Spanish. But that should not limit me if this is based on sounds like. I shall be aware of the languages surrounding me and when I feel more comfortable with this skill, I shall post more. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
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