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Default Re: Recent War in our Solar System By Norval & Gale

While there are many that post about varied time lines, levels of realities, dimensions, alternate
universes, and so on, and so on, and so on, pretty much everything one could imagine with their
imagination, I can only tell you of what we have learned about this physical universe we are in.
Even if it were a possibility of all these other realities, do we really need any of it to explain the
reality of today? While some of it may explain away various aspects of what we know to be
accepted facts about the ET / UFO information do we need anything more than just our own
known physical universe? Advanced technologies are fully capable, with some applied deception,
misdirection and subterfuge, to cause one to believe that they may have time traveled, or visited
other dimensions, universes and planets. There fore we will only discuss this one line of time, as
after all time is only a mutually agreed upon method of measurement to determine when an event
occurred, not another dementia. This has side tracked many.

When just contemplating this known physical universe our technological advancement allows us to
be able to now accept what we have seen demonstrated by these ET / UFOs as just that.
Applied technologies that we used to think of as ghosts, demons, angels, and all other distracting,
deceptive, and bogus crapola pulled on mankind over the past few thousand years can now be
understood and accepted. And, it was all, just a test.

This is the end of thousands of years where all who have lived and died of mankind have been
tested as to their integrity, goodness of heart, honor, all that makes you, YOU. Your collective
experiences tested you, and your responses noted, all of your life. The judgment is not from with
out, but from with in, our own hearts are our judges. Disclosure about the ET / bible connection,
based on what has happened over the centuries and today's modern technological
comprehension, now tells us that the rest of the story will be as true as what it told would happen,
and has.

There is a probability that there will be a so called "Staged Second Coming", ET disclosure event,
that would act as another deceiving misdirection. Don't fall for it. With the destruction in our solar
system that we have seen and past astronomers having witnessed we doubt that they can display
the kind of ships that the bible says are coming to earth. The Heavenly New Jerusalem is 1,500
miles big. Do you really think it will be coming alone? Now remember that it says, now King,
Jesus is returning with a vengeance. There is this attitude that one has when dealing with ones
enemies that didn't want him to become King. Not counting that it is said that the thoughts and
heart of Jesus is with mankind, and the bad ET's have gone way beyond their allowed testing of
mankind. Bluntly, the dude is returning, very ******.

The good side is all of the lies, deceptions, slander, bad mean types will be gone. Long live the
King; would be a good saying to learn I think, but that's just a suggestion. Imagine for a moment,
the exopolitical implications that the bible is true, the sociological implications would be staggering
as I can attest to, as the presidential advisor that visited with me on this very boat, twice, was a
sociologist. That was shortly after the think tank incident.

Norval L. Cunningham
Gale smart

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