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Default Re: Recent War in our Solar System By Norval & Gale

While doing the CS crater chain research we found that "in person" 1% of the people we
have talked with vehemently agreed that these concise and systematic chains of craters
are caused by a comet or asteroid. 99% agreed with us that this was literally impossible
to have happened by "chance".

On the internet forums of science, astronomy, and S.E.T.I. sites we found the exact
opposite. We, and the very few that agreed with us, were mercilessly set upon by IAC
agents (thought police) and the Bad ET's, so called "professional skeptics and
debunkers". Gale and I were "literally" killed, hell, we got slaughtered.

That was a major wake up call about these agents on the web.

The "Sell Out", or bending to the powers that be, has kept them, and their loved ones,
"safe". Several sites we posted our information about the CS crater chain research are
gone, or our posts were removed. Yes, we stand by the bible's explanation of "why" all
this is going on. We found it is the only source of reliable true information to base the
"why" of what we see in the world today.

Over the years we have been in contact with people from all over the world. Scientists,
mathematicians, theologians, you can pretty much name the fields of learning and we have
had to talk to them as our research spanned such a broad base. Many of them are, or
have left the US. Some were not allowed to leave, or were "called back", even forced to

Now, all of a sudden, we are seeing a turn around by some of those agents, but not the
Bad ET's as they just want all humans dead. What we are now seeing is some of the PtB
seem to think it is time for this information to be allowed out. Bill and Kerry's Avalon
forum appears to be the means of delivery for this information. With or with out their
knowledge. So, with this in mind I do apologize for saying they "sold out", when in fact it
seems to me this information that Gale and I have been providing is vital to the Ground
Crew. IF the bible is really about the UFO/ET connection, then it also contains the
information about what needs to be done to prepare ourselves for Disclosure Day, and
after. Bill, and Kerry, should have banned me, but didn't. That said allot.
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