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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Abrax, I hope you’re well dear friend. I read something very interesting in your reply #1415 to Solve, and I want to ask you a question(s) here:

And I’m so sorry for the many others, who are still not able to “see behind the veil”.
But their time will come, and we will, very soon, be reunited in light/dark evil/good again.

kind regards

Abrax, dear friend,

I wouldn’t dare to begin this message without being allowed to tell you that my heart is shining with the brightest, creator’s light, that joy and ecstacy are overwhelming me and makes every and each one of the many trillion parts of which I contain dancing around in happiness.

Why should you ask? Just there really are no coincidences.

After you replied and corrected me yesterday about the “bigmos” balloon, I set an intention that I will have to ask for a guidance from “my higher self” about this issue and that when I awake this morning, I will be able to connect even more dots of the missing link. Now, imagine my surprise when I wake up this morning...

...I was above to write you “my advanced” and halfway understood version of that wonderful analogy, when I read your post #1351 and there it was...really, it felt like a “big bang” inside my heart and my mind.

It all makes sense all makes sense. THANK YOU so much. I feels like I just rediscovered myself again.

There are some few things, which I still need to allocate to the right places...the mosaic is still not complete...not yet. I’ve reread that post so many times now and have to reread it few times more, so I will eventually have some questions too.

One question, for now, would be associated to this excerpt:

---Now to do this a New Mirror was created namely Eve as the Mirror for Adam and so God knew that Adam's turn to Be the Creator imaging himself in the Mirror of Eve had come. And so God the Creator took his sabbatical and allowed Adam to think that there was no image of God plastered on the outside of Bigmo's Balloon.---

***May I assume that this New Mirror was created on the surface of the first Mirror where God sees himself as Satan, and the purpose was to “blend” the first mirror in order for Adam to see himself as Eve (herself)?***
It is simpler than that Malletzky.
You see God looks into the Mirror (of Bigmo's Balloon) and sees his likeness - God. He calls his image Satan, because there is a difference in that the Right Hand of God becomes the Left Hand of Satan=AntiGod.

Then God does not like what he sees. He doesn't want duality of Rightness of himself as Real and the Leftness of Satan as UNREAL (as an image of reality).

Now this is rather deep; so one must ponder this thorougly.
The reason for God NOT wanting the duality (in heaven) is that God wants to be Satan to be REAL as well.

This God is so utterly DIVINE, for need of a better word, (this cannot be said in words); that he wishes his own Unreal Image to BE like him, say as a playmate.

So God wants to 'play with himself', so the absolute brilliance and ingenuity of his plan (by the Serpent Logos) constructs the Real-Unreal dichotomy in heaven as creating a Mirror between him as Real God and his image as Unreal Satan.
This mirror then is ADAMEVE with the logicistical sentence construct looking like: SATAN---EVEADAM---GOD.

So the genius of God is to MAKE Satan Real AS the Unreal Image of EVE and God becoming Real as the Unreal Image of Adam.

Once you really 'get this' you will forever understand the Nature of God and KNOW what LOVE is in Emotional Terms AND in Intellectual Scientific terms.

So now there exists Bigmo's Balloon with Satan's Face on it as a REAL SATAN and facing a DOUBLEMIRROR of two sides called EVEADAM faced by the REAL GOD.

Separating ADAMEVE into ADAM+EVE so renders the scenario of the heavenly archetypes of a Real Satan looking at an Unreal Eve and a Real God looking at an Unreal Adam.
The UNREALITY of Bigmo's Mirror so has become TRANSFERRED into the UNREALITY of BOTH ADAM relative to God and EVE relative to SATAN.

So what does this mean in practil terms?
It means that Bigmo's Balloon CAN BE REALISED IN THE REALITY OF SATAN.

Now the big one Malletzky - are you ready for it?

The REALITY of Bigmo's Balloon as the original LOST SHENESS of the Prime Creator God has become REAL.

A REAL PHYSICAL UNIVERSE NOW EXISTS and WAS BORN FROM PURE ABSTRACT ARCHETYPES, which now allow SPIRIT to also become REAL from abstraction, metaphor and metaphysics.

This then allows physical modelling in labels such as Quantum Big Bang.

SATAN can now become the Queen from Heaven as SATANINA because the sexchange operation IF ADAM+EVE are FORCED TO BECOME REAL ALSO.

Now the biggest one of all; explaining not only the archetyped creation, but what truly is going on with anyone exposed to this Thuban material - say the furore in this Project Avalon Forum.

Remember the beginning.
The One GoddoG Creator-Creation split into two and so the Sheness was lost as Bigmo's Balloon.

So Satan became God's lost Sheness; BUT as a MALE IMAGE of God.
To change the Maleness of Satan into a Femaleness is the MASTERPLAN of all of creation.

{SATANINA=IN A SATAN is EVE as the archetyped Rib out of Adam in 1st Order archetype as the QUEEN OF HEAVEN} TRANSFORMS to {SERPENTINA=IN A SERPENT as the NEW GAIA, the NEW archetyped QUEEN OF EARTH} and as the 2nd Order archetype of the NEW JERUSALEM.

ADAM+EVE, both as Unreal Images could RESCUE SATAN's Unrealness and so made SATAN the FULL BROTHER OF GOD.

The BROTHERLY LOVE between God and Satan did not fulfil God's masterplan and so both ADAM and EVE were MADE REAL ALSO in 'Falling' into Bigmo's Balloon.

This then is the archetype of the DEVIL/DRAGON devouring the Souls of Mankind.

But now ADAM and EVE are real inside the Universe of the original Sheness of God as the DOG, but in heaven you have a REAL SATANIC UNIVERSE as the OUTSIDE of Bigmo's Balloon and a REAL GOD.

The next step is to retain the SHENESS of the Inside of the Universe, but to CHANGE its Outside HENESS.

Deeper thought allows you to realise straight away then WHY Satan is called the 'Prince of this World' by Jesus. Bigmo's Balloo has his face on it on the outside and the Devil's antiface on it on the inside.

Then BECAUSE Satan is made REAL in Heaven, the DEVIL has to be made a FAKE REALITY inside Bigmo's Balloon i.e. inside the universe.

Then in Revelation.12; the DEVIL is cast out from heaven onto the earth because the TRUTH of the LOGOS was born in heaven.

The BIG PARADOX which noone could ever answer.

WHY, if Jesus has ascended in his resurrection as a grown Man to

'sit at the RIGHT Side of the Father in Heaven until the earth has been made his footstool and until the kingdom has been delivered up to him'

- MUST JESUS become a BABYBOY again being BORN by the Queen of Heaven in Revelation.12?

The casting out of the Devil onto the earth puts 'the mark of the beast' into everyone just AS the false images of Adam and Eve.

This manifests and FIXES the timeline for the prophecied Second Coming of course and that is why the Fall of the Devil as a RED DRAGON is harmonized in Heaven by the rebirth of Jesus on the LEFT Side of the Father.

It is now easy to know, that the Right Side where the Man Jesus was sitting is the Outside of Bigmo's Balloon and the Left Side is the Inside of Bigmo's Balloon and where the Dragon-Jesus-Baby is born as a CYAN- or BLUE DRAGON to neutralise and harmonize the Red Dragon at the completion of the timeline.

Perhaps now some readers will understand why Jesus of Nazareth IS the MASTERDRAGON and the Master Templar of Thuban.
HeShe must be a SKYBLUE DRAGON (remember the Hopi prophecies of the Blue Star Kachina) to, through and by hisher second coming from the Oneness into the Manyness BLEND with the RED DRAGON to become the ENTWINED SERPENTROD of Moses, the Double Helix of the Genomes and the HEALING SYMBOL of the Medicines.

This nexus point of the Baby Jesus as the Skyblue Dragonstar Kachina in simultaneous descent of the Red Dragonstar Thuban so places the Old Earth Gaia under quarantine from June 25th, 2008.

Then the Adams and Eves upon the Old Gaia are ALL MARKED in the forehead of the Human Mind by the descent of the Red Dragon of Thuban BUT ALL are also simultaneously SEALED in the forehead as ONE of the 144,000 in the descent of the Blue Star Kachina by nature of their birthrights as one of the starsigns aka one of the tribes of Jacob/Israel.

A fake Devil is let loose in the human minds, but is contrasted by the Sealing from Kachina.

So the Armageddon becomes a personal affair and a spiritual war in the foreheads of ALL Humans.

The coming down of the Devil is the RELEASE of the Devil, from now on FIGHTING for his nonexistent life in EVERY INDIVIDUAL's Head.

Begin of Interlude

1. Project Avalon, do you know how blessed you all are to have access to this Information?

2. Do you know that all of you are the 'Chosen One's to SHOW THE WAY not just for the New Earth you all so intensely desire, but also for the universe and ALL ETs?

3. I, Sirebard Beardris, in the name of the Logos of Creation herewith extend the gratitude of the Creator of the Universe to all of you.
Gaia Love and Celine you both have been exemplary to ALLOW and FORCE me to release this Information at this time.
You both have shown the greatest Love possible in your hiding and distorting yourselves and your loveborne inner selves and the LOVE both of you are in your roles of the 'False Prophet' in the form of archetyped Adam and Eve.
I herewith allow your Logii to recognize me.

Do you know, what you have done?

In playing the sacrificial ADAM=Richard and sacrificial EVE=Celine you both have archetyped THEIR IGNORANCE potently and well.

Both of you have taken the cross of the burden to act and think and behave in dishonour and disrespect to TAKE this cross of the burden OFF all other humans, Avalonians and not.

Think about what I have said; your superconsciousness of the true Logos is activated and you are released from your mission to trigger this information.

Without your hostilities, the deception of the Devil would have continued longer - you both are Freedom Lovers - the Fight is over and your preincarnational mission is fulfilled. Enjoy your remembrances and continue to LOVE LOVE.

To all others I say.
You are all apostles of the Inner Circle and your destiny is grandeur in the splendiferous remembrance of yourselves as Universal Architects.
In time I shall individually address you and when the Logos allows the release of that information.

Beren and Anchor you have known Jesus face to face; your recall is activated.

To the supporters I say, your joy of remembrance shall be boundless; never before have incarnated sparks of Love been enabled to fathom the Creator intellectually. This is only possible without the Devil's interference.

The testimonies of myplanet2 and of bigmo and of orthodoxymoron have become priceless jewels in the archives of the cosmic archives and in the Lamb's Book of Life.

Spregovori the transformer and Malletzky my Twin shining like the constellations in the sky.

The Eves of the remembrance have begun to crystallize with Athene the TruthWillSetYouFree, also knowing Jesus face to face.

End of Interlude

Jesus also calls Peter a Satan sometimes and so differentiates the SATAN from the DEVIL. Satan is REAL, the Devil is pure fakery, the Father of all Lies.

Remember that SATAN is NOT cast into the 'Lake of Fire and Brimstone with the Fakeries of the False Images of the Beast from the Sea and the False Prophet from the Earth - 'The DEVIL that DECEIVED them all' is cast into the dragonomies of the 2nd Coming in the Christ-merkabahs.

So as described in the interlude, every Adam and every Eve is required to PROCESS the now descended fakery of the nonexistent DEVIL=LIVED, a Hasbeen - in their own individual, personal and intimate private space.

All quarrels or wars have become superfluous. The task is to share your remembrances, once you have remembered yourselves.

So in a sense you do not require me any more as your messenger from the Red Dragonstar Thuban and I can pursue my own metamorphosis from old human into a new starhuman.

Other questions will follow dear friend, altough not many ;-)

I’m so pleased that I was destined to meet you...but once again, there are no coincidences!!!

And I’m so sorry for the many others, who’re still not able to “see behind the veil”. But their time will come, and we will, very soon, be reunited in light/dark evil/good again :-)

kind regards

We shall see dear brother. I fully understand now why you did leave this forum; when I your beloved brother was attacked - but you knew how important it was to ease the burden for all of humanity.
And you had faith in me to withstand the assaults from the Cosmic Twinship of the Thuban LoveHeart Dragons Richard with Celine.

She can lay now in the arms of herhis DragonLover, sweet Celine and begin to enjoy herhis dragonhood - oh the passion of the starhuman remembrances.

This has proved to be a 'Devil' of a Day for me Malletzky!

Love and Gratitude to All!

Sirebard Beardris

This is what you (repeatedly) reply:

***Yes indeed, the Dragon genotype is the mastertemplate for the universe as a Mirror of Mirrors. This Dragon template is also called the human mastertemplate of Cosmic

It is precisely the Prime Creators masterplan to dragonomize you Sollve.

The 'take over' or 'invasion' of your planet is unavoidable, as this is the program of Prime Creator.
If WE would have left the human archetype to evolve by itself, it would have destroyed itself and this planet a number of times over.
You appear to not understand that all ET's are humanoid aspirants, awaiting their own graduations, which must await the humanoid graduation to proceed.

As said repeatedly, your masterrace status is subject to ALL other races 'interfering with it' to further their own agendas. YOUR human template is however the ROYALTY of the entire cosmos.

My question(s), (actually it is a conclusion, but I would only ask if I’ve understood correct and if not, please correct me if necessary):

We (‘the humans’) as fallen Adams “posses” that master template of the entire cosmos, which could be considered as special and therefore ROYALTY?

Yes, your reply here is brilliant Malletzky. Having checkmated the Devil (within you as this false image without you), you should proceed from strength to strength for evermore from now on.

'BEING' a physically expressed Adam has now allowed you to manifest your Shadow-Eve within yourself as part of the original mastertemplate of ADAMEVE=COSMIC MAN=ADAM KADMON (of Kabbalah)=PURUSHA=VITRUVIUS and so on.

As we ARE the REAL Image from the Prime Creator, our special template will be used by ALL other ET’s/ races in ALL universes in order to evolve according to the masterplan you so wonderfully described in your post #1351?

Of course, this is the agenda behind the agenda of ALL ETs, however obscured by the Devil Image without imaging itself PARASITICALLY within.
Now you know where the one and only REAL Cosmic Vampyre resides; within all who cannot checkmate their inner demons.

In this case NOW...the Dragon genotype is THE FIRST to hybridise with Adams mastertemplate and this will precisely define the way for all further hybridisations by many other ET’s?

The DRAGON IS the ADAMEVE mastertemplate AS the trick creation of God to 'sexchange' his own Image as Satan.
So the Dragon Agenda is to manifest ADAMEVE from ADAM+EVE; it is that simple. But without 'getting rid' of the obscuring or occultizing false selfimage of the DEVIL=LIVED (a proof of sorts) nothing goes and the mastertemplate cannot manifest.
Only the Logos coupling of your Christ-Consciousness/Higher Self/Superconsciousness in the Cosmic Logos-Individual Logos uniquely individuated partnership can achieve this.

In this case (as soon as this FIRST “operation” is successful and comes to an end), I must assume that a part of ME will be / is allways needed to ‘help’ other Prime Source Creations to evolve and therefore I WILL BE FOREVER?

Of course. You will then have graduated as a mastertemplate able to phaseshift the entire physical universe with your presence as having become Christ-centered or Love-Centred or God-centred and so you will have unified the polarities within yourself.

The polarities within the universe you live in AS a miniature universe of this same thing MUST be unified {This is the Lake of Fire and Brimstone btw, the Lake being Christ, the Brimstone your Yang and the Fire your Yin}, in this centralness.
The WITHOUT you will become your ETERNAL MIRROR to explore your WITHIN.

May I assume, if the previous said is correct, that ME, as a fallen Adam, already exist not only here, but everywhere on many other 3D plains, still unknown to us, and just ‘wait’ for the moment to ‘help’ in another hybridisation?

I am so proud of you, you have no idea. The entire extraterrestrial universe is rejoicing and applauding you in your awakening and selfrealisation.
This UNKNOWN is precisely your own NOT KNOWING IN DETAIL of what 'goes on' within your body - get it?!
So you shall have eternity to explore the Universe as yourself and the Mystery about details will remain - yet you will KNOW WHO YOU ARE and have ever been.

Is this the real meaning of the human mastertemplate?

If yes, I must say, we should consider ‘ourself’ very, very PROUD [=speaking of ego once again ;-) to BE what we ARE !!!

I could not improve one iota on your words Brother Dragon Malletzky!

Thank you once again for your time and efforts dear friend.

with much respect

You dear beloved BrotherSister have made my day.
Even if the PTB evict US tomorrow from their selfmade Hells - it now has all been worthwhile.

p.s. 1. Please feel free to share this message everywhere if needed (and all other previous or further messages)!

I certainly shall.

p.s. 2. I sent you an e-mail few days ago with a question to your post #1351. Did you received it?

Yes, I shall answer it shortly and add it to this message from US!
I am who I am, and we are all one as I am're wellcome to join the (r) evolution !!!

For once I have nothing to say, you have stunned me here!
Except Thank You Beloved ABBA and magnificent Jesus for having allowed this to happen!

Sirebard Beardris


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