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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by CÚline View Post
..the MODS were....."are" neutral...they (along with my husband) chose to allow his behavior to be what it is. His "phd" talk keeps people like me is part of his agenda...
[My Reply as a Moderator]
The current stance for mods here is one of neutrality when it comes to inter personal issues between members. When it comes to threads/posts neutrality is not part of the equation as the guidelines dictate what can and cannot be posted.
At this time Abraxas is not breaking any guidelines but may be aiding in creating new ones.
As for your point CÚline that his posts keeps you away. That is not a bad thing.

[My comment as a member]
Abrax, the jig is up, for all to see. The Honorable thing to do is leave with dignity.
This thread and the topic is not what Avalon is about. I Have listened to many members complain that its content is a abomination to what PA stands for.

[My comment as a member of the Human race]
A few years ago I would of taken a totally different approach here and the world would of been better off. However, Avalon and Life experience since then has made me a better person. As such I can now turn my back on this thread and the verbal diarrhea herein.

[To my Beloved CÚline]

Your love for the human race has never faltered and has over time changed my contempt for the species which has raped this planet. I have love and hope in my heart mostly because of you. This lizard and his followers do not deserve your attention. Their loss. dont waste anymore of your time and emotion here. it's rather pointless.
Love U
"For those with their eyes shut, no explanation will suffice.
For those with their eyes open, no explanation is necessary."

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