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Default Re: The Bible, it's about Disclosure, Not Religion

Hello Frank,
The 144,000 is called the rapture. And physically speaking my friend is not possible. some things in the bible if taken literal will make you laugh, no disrespect.
Well, no disrespect taken. I didn't write the bibles, I just read them.

Now concerning the so called "rapture" and the "taking up" of the Chosen (First Fruits). We are dealing with aliens (angels) with obvious technology beyond ours as demonstrated by many UFO incidents. So, "Beam me aboard Scotty", is not beyond my comprehension.

The same can be said for "cloning" your body and uploading your collective experiences and memories into it. Have you had a "small scoop" of your DNA taken? As the bible says, and we can now comprehend and believe, that it is truly possible to "resurrect" the dead. And, thanks for the "love".

Tunguska was in fact a nuclear bomb detination.
There are several reports of something like, or is in fact, radiation sickness in the area.

Well Gazbom, what do I think?
How do you see Jesus in all of this?
He is going to come back like a thief in the night, 2,000 years ago he was here for thirty years before he started his mission, I have a theory that he is already here, what do you think?
Well it's not really a theory just an idea.
Good idea I would say. There are "signs in the heavens", which is pretty much everything over our heads, so look up. The oddities in our solar system alone are such that one has to laugh at the assumption that this all "just happened". I would have to agree that Jesus is back, now crowned as King, and with an attitude. The destruction witnessed by astronomers in the late 1800's and early 1900's by astronomers can only be understood today.

Keep reading and rereading, the answers are in there, the Book, The Bible, it is about disclosure and the conspiracy to deceive you from knowing the truth.
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