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This ones for Steven... BTW it's not edited!!!

Hey Gaia...note the part about Ascension!!!

SaLuSa 5-February-2010

Where you direct your thoughts is where your energy goes, and the more you focus upon it the stronger the link becomes for you. So you can see Dear Ones, why it is important to keep in your sight the beneficial changes promised to you. In so doing you are helping manifest them quicker than they might have done otherwise. Your present reality developed in this way and hence we say that you created it yourself. There is no God pouring scorn or anger upon you but instead a great love of understanding, which welcomes you back into the Light when your experiences in duality have finished. Because there is a fundamental belief amongst many that God demands obedience, there is also an acceptance of self-recrimination. You would be kinder on yourself if it were in the form of self-analysis, to determine why you consider yourself guilty of some misdemeanour that is considered a sin.

As we have informed you previously, your life is intended to allow you to experience duality and learn from it. Clearly you cannot expect things to always run smoothly, and in these times there are challenges to your ability to hold onto your Light. Mistakes or wrong decisions are not held against you, but from your personal point of view, harming another soul is something that will bring lessons to you. Indeed. It will be your own judgment and no one else’s that will decide how you will respond. One thing that you have to contend with is Man’s law, that carry punishment when broken. However, spiritual laws are defined by God and apply to all living forms that have the gift of freewill, and when these are not followed the experiences will be repeated until you overcome them. That is spiritual evolution and your consciousness will not be lifted to higher levels until the lessons have been learnt.

Because of orthodox religious teaching many carry great guilt around with them, and it is not just a burden but like a weight hanging around your neck which inhibits your progress. Thoughts such as “unworthiness” creep into people’s minds and prevent them from seeing their true selves. Whatever you have done that brings on such feelings, remember that you are loved as much as any other soul and there is no discrimination against you. In fact in some ways you are more important, because success for the Human Race depends on every soul reaching a state of perfection. To help you Angels and Guides give their attention to you, and accompany each soul on their journey. That you may not be aware of them or acknowledge their presence does not matter. Obviously it would be better if you accepted them, as they would be delighted if you “spoke” with them and invited their help. If you do not yet feel comfortable with that idea, then call on God direct and help will be given in whatever way is in your best interests.

As your consciousness grows so you will become aware of the Spirit Helpers around you, you will see them and converse with them quite naturally. Some of you already do so, and it is a mark of higher vibration that attracts them to you. Like certainly attracts like, which is again why you need to be careful where you place your focus. Your Helpers are with you to ensure that you complete any experience in accordance with your life plan, and they carry out the Will of God. All that they do is with great love and understanding, as they know how important their part is in your growth. Some souls actually believe that they are being punished, but they might be surprised to know that they have agreed to their life experiences. You can therefore reflect on them in such a way that you can understand what there purpose is for you. Once you can do this, life becomes more bearable instead of seeming pointless.

You might ask if we too have had experiences similar to yours. The answer is not necessarily as there are many paths that lead to Ascension, and they do not all include the cycle of duality. However, since you are in the stages of completion, we must tell you that it is one of the quickest ways to evolve. This would have been a factor in your decision to experience duality. The opportunity you have now is for mass Ascension, and it is a very special occasion that only comes up once in every solar cycle. Even so as we often mention, this time you ascend with your physical body. It is not therefore death of your old one, but simply a change that enables you to use it in a higher vibration. Look at us, as that is where you will eventually be as far as your evolution is concerned. We are always seen as an example of bodily perfection, and in our prime. In fact we can be 100’s of years old without any visible signs of aging, because it is not part of our experience.

In one way and another you have so much to look forward to, so we ask what are a few more years to you. You can see that the end times are upon you, and therefore the changes are underway. Keep mentally strong and look for changes within yourself, because you will probably notice how much better you are at concentrating on the future. Also how you can maintain a peaceful countenance whatever confronts you. You are indeed a calming influence on others around you, and have the wisdom that comes with an expanding consciousness. There is still a way to go yet, but the process of Ascension will be speeded up once we can meet you openly. We will educate you in soul expansion, and the upliftment of your body until the cells become crystalline. Finally you shall move into full consciousness, and we will also have a hand in that so that you reach completion.

The changes may sound rather frightening to some of you who have not yet been so well informed. Always remember our promise to help you along your path, and each step will be explained so that you do so with complete confidence and understanding. Our greatest wish is for your success so that you may join us for the grand journey, that will take us far and wide in the Cosmos. It is unending and magnificent, and abounds with life everywhere. Can you not feel what awaits you and the excitement it will bring, and duality will fade into the background along with all of those memories that caused you pain or affliction. Move into the Light and Love with us, and we shall be the pioneers of a new movement for peace wherever we go.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and hope I have given you much to think about that will allow you to finish this cycle with complete happiness.

Thank you SaLuSa

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