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Default Re: The Bible, it's about Disclosure, Not Religion

Originally Posted by Norval View Post
The Bible, it's about Disclosure, Not Religion.

Let's just start with a few premises as many have all ready surmised or discovered.

1. That the ET's are the angels and fallen angels spoken of in the bibles.
2. That they are just like us in that some you would want for a neighbor, and some you wouldn't. (Ones you can't trust with your kids, cows, or anus.) It appears that sentient intelligent life has been created in several forms.

Most haven't read the bible, or if they have it has been with a "religious" attitude and ideology. There are about 20 (with 66 to 84 books in them) different English translations on my shelf and I have read them all cover to cover. Not to include all the research books and the American Bible Society's data base on my computers. Including many other researches in mythology, fairy tales, and yes, I even have the four books published by Fort on my shelf, besides the Voynich Manuscript with three images still not released
to the public.

My contacts include the US Gov. agencies, (several), and others, that have contacted and questioned me about my research. So I am not alone in what I have learned and the powers that be (ptb) are very interested in what I and others have learned about the bible's role in all of this UFO / ET stuff. The ptb do not want you to know that they got caught dancing with the devil, so to speak. Not just the government of the usa, but most of the big governments of the world are now aware of this problem. The ET's they have
been befriending are the fallen / bad angels. Kicked out of the heavens, and thrown down to the earth, by those good angels because they simply didn't want them for neighbors any more. So, about those ET's here amongst us, and below (underground bases, etc.), guess who came to dinner?

For the past seven years I have had a research partner, Gale, who is just as convinced as I am about these understandings of what the bible is really all about. From what I see of the disclosure movement, it has taken a turn to reveal weapons aboard these captured crashed craft. A new development. Also that some are now talking about a catastrophic event in our solar system, one that left destroyed structures all over the system. For the past seven years Gale and I have been researching and investigating specific anomalies of craters, comets and asteroids, and moons in our solar system. Research that NASA requested for review.

In Revelations we read of a Heavenly New Jerusalem coming to earth that is one thousand, five hundred miles big. Now that is a MOTHER ship that is a third the size of the moon.

Yes, the bible is real and gives the answers. But you don't have to get all religious about it. It's much more understandable if you don't. Some have said that the bible is very technologically advanced in some of its statements. From these questions and reading at 2nd Esdras Chapter 4, you will know that we are now responsible for our technological advancement to understand and answer the questions presented, because we can now
answer them. By the way, that book, 2nd Esdras, of the original King James Bible, was taken out of the bibles here in the usa, the most technologically advanced country of the time in the 1850's. No wonder why.

Just some food for thought.
Hi Norval,
Here it is, the moment the devil was thrown to earth, in my humble opinion of course!
Scientist: UFO caused 1908 Siberia blast
Agence France Presse - 8/23/2004

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A Russian scientist has reopened the controversy over a gigantic explosion in 1908 in Siberia with a claim that he has found debris from an extraterrestrial space vehicle, or UFO, which collided with a comet.


Great 1908 Siberian explosion: UFO meets comet?

Sun Aug 22, 7:03 PM ET

MOSCOW (AFP) - A Russian scientist has reopened the controversy over a gigantic explosion in 1908 in Siberia with a claim that he has found debris from an extraterrestrial space vehicle, or UFO, which collided with a comet.

On June 30, 1908 a colossal flash lit up the sky over Siberia, followed by an explosion with the power of a thousand atom bombs. It obliterated the taiga (forest) for hundreds of square kilometres (miles) in the basin of the river Podkamennaya Tunguska in the Krasnoyarsk region.

People living in the villages of Siberia thought there had been an earthquake. Humans and animals were thrown to the ground by the shockwave, windows were blown in.

No meteorite debris was found and scientists conclude that the core of a comet or an asteroid had exploded.

Researcher Yuri Lavbin has spent 12 years researching the mystery of the "Tunguska meteorite" and believes he has found the key to one of the great scientific enigmas of the last century, though many scientists remain sceptical.

He is president of the "Tunguska Spatial Phenomenon" Foundation in Krasnoyarsk, made up of some 15 enthusiasts, among them geologists, chemists, physicists and mineralogists, who have been organising regular expeditions to the area since 1994.

Lavbin's theory is that a comet and a mysterious flying machine collided 10 kilometres (six miles) above the earth's surface causing the explosion.

He and his team say that on an expedition to the Podkamannaya Tunguska river in July they found, between two villages, two strange black stones in the form of regular cubes with their sides measuring a metre and half (five feet).

These stones "are manifestly not of natural origin" Lavbin says. They appear to have been fired and "their material recalls an alloy used to make space rockets, while at the beginning of the 20th century only planes made of plywood existed"

He claims that the cubes are the remains of a flying machine, perhaps an extraterrestrial spaceship, while admitting that an analysis of the stones has yet to be undertaken.

He found something else: a huge white stone "the size of a peasant's hut" stuck in the top of a crag in the middle of the devastated forest.

"Local people call it the 'reindeer stone'. It is made of a crystalline matter which is not typical of this region" Lavbin said. He suggests it is part of the core of a comet.

The scientific establishment is not convinced.

"There are plenty of amateurs who organise trips to the site of the Tunguska cataclysm" said Anna Skripnik of the meteorites committee of the Academy of Sciences.

"In Siberia where oil geologists regularly work you can find a heap of fragments of various machines"

Lavbin is not deterred. He produces satellite photos of the region to back his theory which show the "footprints" of the spaceship (long marshes and lakes) and of the comet (devastated forests, charred trees and smashed rocks).

Not to mention a crater 500 metres (yards) across.
Here is a link to original source although there are pages on the subject.
I haven't had time to find reliable witness account's but I have researched it myself and all the witnesses say it came down to earth very slowly and exploded above the ground! Comet's don't travel slowly or explode above the ground!
Very interesting of course, the first world war broke out shortly afterward!
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